It was a pleasure meeting you at IFA BERLIN 2018. That represented a great opportunity for us to present our products and their new features, and to know more about their compliance with your business.

The WiDom in-wall modules are smallest in the market, have a Visual Status Feedback that eases the installation, can manage independent local scenarios and are all equipped with contact protection technology. In addition, for guaranteeing the best quality, we offer a 3-year warranty to end users.

Our devices, available in any frequency, include roller shutter, smart dimmer, smart plug, dry contact, double channel switch and energy driven switches with a bidirectional management system that can measure both consumed and produced energy of smart homes.

All the devices are compatible with controllers of all the brands available in the market. Nevertheless, WiDom has developed its own high design controller, which operates also as a multisensor.
Our technical team can operate customization on both hardware and software of devices, if required.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments.

Team WiDom