Technology Provider Services

for Z-Wave, WiFi, Zigbee, Thread e Matter ad hoc solutions


Technology provider services

 for Z-Wave, WiFi, Zigbee, Thread e Matter
ad hoc solutions

Do you need a technology provider to develop innovative solutions for your company?

WiDom collaborates with companies looking for technology providers for the design and development of ad hoc Z-Wave, WiFi, Zigbee, Thread and Matter solutions.

Our expertise is recognized at European level and beyond. For over 10 years we have been a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, and now also of the CSA Alliance, as well as being Design partner for Silicon labs, world leader for connectivity softwares.

High quality, our top priority.

WiDom, in addition to developing its own product line, offers its professional services for the development of products for third parties.

Continue focusing on your products and activities, while we develop and test the best Z-Wave, WiFi, Zigbee, Thread and Matter solutions for you.


Hardware design

Transfomer Less Power Supply, DC/DC Convertors, Sensors, Power metering, UART/I2C/SPI, WiFi/ BLE, High Speed PCB design.

Support on certification

Software design

C, C++, Javascript, Node js, Angular js, Mongo db, Keil, Cypress, Visual Studio, WebStorm.

Support on compliance test


Some references of services we have provided

Z-Wave Plus Button System

For a manufacturer of Building Automation products, we have developed a 4-button switch equipped with event indicator via RGB LEDs, capable of controlling both a local load and different remote loads such as dimmers, rolling shutters, lights. The development implied its production in the constraint of an already defined plastic “case”.

Burglar Alarm System

We have developed the Z-Wave version for a burglar alarm system for a company leader in this sector. The Z-Wave Plus version of the siren was designed and built from a version of the siren operating with a proprietary radio protocol. We developed a technology able to allow the management of dual radio technology as a product variant.

Serial Bridge KNX system | Z-Wave

We have developed a KNX / Z-Wave serial bridge system for a company, leader in the realization of knx systems. The developed system allowed the bi-directional decoding between the KNX world and the Z-Wave one. The result obtained: a product capable of making Z-Wave modules manageable from the KNX world, and vice versa,.

Spike Smart Plug

For a company, leader in supplying insurance solutions, we have designed a smart socket capable of promptly identifying dangerous overvoltage events, generating an alarm and eventually switching off the electrical system. For the project, 3 different interconnected cards have been produced.

Z-Wave interface into a HVAC system

For a company, leader in HVAC systems, we have integrated into its actual system a Z-Wave Plus interface.


Double Radio technology Module

For a Leader company in the manufacture of tubular motors for solar protection we have developed a replacement module to add Z-Wave interface to their custom radio.

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