WiDom’s new website is Online! Check it out and let us know what you think!

In this new layout of the WiDom site, our goal is to use a language suitable both for those who are already expert technicians and for those who are approaching home automation. Our intent in this change is to meet all your needs.

The level of detail of the pages in website increases as you go on with the reading. Initially, we indicate the features that simplify the everyday life of an end user, and then we describe technical specifications related to installation and configuration. Keeping in mind that we address many specialized users, the accuracy of information requested by a technician is never underestimated.

Our ambition is making a smart home available to everyone. We offer simple installation, technological sturdiness and reliability, interoperability and compatibility with the whole Z-Wave world. Controlling WiDom products through buttons, remotely or with voice assistants it’s up to you!

Through the various FORMs you will find on the site, we have created the possibility for everyone to contact us, based on needs and categories. You can contact us for technical and commercial information, to find the best way to become a partner or for information on our services as a technology provider, with the certainty that we will respond to your requests with the promptness that has always characterized us!

Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to share the link if you like the site!

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