Every home can be smart,
or even smarter.
At any time.

Your home has a new dimension.

Change the atmosphere with Smart TE Dimmer.

It’s very simple. Thanks to WiDom’s wireless solutions, it is possible to transform a traditional electrical system into a home automation system without masonry work. Our plug & play modules are the smallest you can find worldwide and their perfect integration with other Z-Wave wireless devices allows you to add new features to an already smart home at any time.

WiDom Ecosystem.

Control your home remotely with WiDom’s Z-Wave ecosystem, so that it can come alive to improve your life.

Discover our products.

Home automation is simpler than you can imagine. Find the best solution for your needs.


Small products, great features

Lighting, Appliance and Energy Control.


Our smart world is also yours

Actuators, Sensors, Gateway.




All WiDom products use Z-Wave connectivity, the universal wireless technology protocol that allows systems to be integrated with each other and to combine the multiple features offered by different devices. The advantages? Endless possibilities to improve the intelligence of any building at any time.



Complete compatibility


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Are you looking for smart products
for your home?

Suppose that you want to make your home even smarter. WiDom products automatically connect to your ecosystem via wireless. It is really simpler than it sounds.
Ask your trusted technician for help.

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Kit d’économie d’énergie

La solution domotique simple et abordable qui vous aide à comprendre et à contrôler votre consommation d’énergie, en évitant la déconnexion du contacteur. Économisez intelligemment avec la domotique Z-Wave!Le KIT comprend:WiDom Multi Sensor Room Controller (5 in 1),...

A new look for our website

WiDom's new website is Online! Check it out and let us know what you think!In this new layout of the WiDom site, our goal is to use a language suitable both for those who are already expert technicians and for those who are approaching home automation. Our...

WiDom a SINNOVA 2018!

La sesta edizione di Sinnova ci ha offerto un’occasione stimolante per presentare i nuovi prodotti WiDom.

Vi aspettiamo a SINNOVA 2018!

Siamo lieti di partecipare alla sesta edizione di SINNOVA, vetrina dei prodotti innovativi