WiDom universal Double Switch is an ON/OFF control device designed to independently control two separate loads, suited for use as both a local and remote switch. Similar to the other WiDom “in wall” devices, it can be fully integrated into pre-existing systems and configured to link configurable behaviours to a specific number of clicks, in full interaction with the Z-Wave home automation ecosystem.

The WiDom universal Double Switch also boasts the lowest energy consumption on the market.

Energy Monitoring

Each of its two channels features an integrated consumption measurement device.

Timer Management

Timer management for each independent channel, both switch on and switch off.

Software Update

You will be able to independently update the device firmware "Over the Air" without even having to remove the devices from their location.

Extremely low energy usage

In line with the other WiDom products, the WiDom universal Double Switch features the lowest energy usage of all similar devices on the market.

Intelligent Multichannel

It has two independent channels individually controllable. It can independently control other devices both single channel and multi-channel. For example, you can remotely control the opening / closing of the shutters, to control of dimmable lights, turn on / off remote loads.

Not all Z-Wave devices support the associations and / or multi-channel associations. When associations are supported, typically are a simple local control reference (if I turn off the local light, I turn off also those associated). With Widom Universal Double Switch you can define the state of local load and the state of the devices associated independently of the load, and you can control them separately activating the recognition sequence of clicks. So you can check the local loads with single click, and the associated devices with double click .

Ready for installation, but fully configurable

The device is supplied ready for installation but can also be supplied with personalized configurations.

Universal Double Switch Manual

Universal Double Switch Installation and Use manual

Technical Specification

Power Supply

230 VAC±10% 50/60 Hz

Maximum Load on Relay

Resistive Loads: 8 A for each channel; 10A for both channels

Limit Temperature

105 °C

Work Temperature

-10 – 40 °C

Radio Protocol

Z-Wave 868,4 MHz

Radio Range

Up to 100 m outdoor

Up to 40 m indoor


37x37x17 mm


< 260 mW in standby

< 480 mW con un carico attivo

< 700 mW con due carichi attivi

Electrical IP Rating

IP 20

Actuator element