Smart Plug is able to detect overvoltage and/or overcurrent cases and through a multicolor LED can send alerts. Furthermore, it protects appliances from eventual overload. A very innovative design, which integrates a complex system that allows a precise energy consumption monitoring. The integration of these features in its very small size product, make it unique on the market.

Alerts and visual feedback with RGB LED

An RGB LED on the device provides visual feedback for overvoltage and / or overcurrent and overpower detection.

Small size and innovative design

The WiDom Smart Plug has an elegant design and small size that allows a perfect integration in any home environment.

Monitoring of energy consumption

Within the WiDom Smart Plug is integrated a very precise energy consumption meter that allows you to monitor the consumption of the connected equipment.

Simplified device inclusion and exclusion

WiDom Smart Plug can be included in any Z-Wave network and work with Z-Wave devices from any other brand. WiDom Smart Plug, used as a constantly powered node, will act as a signal repeater to increase network reliability. WiDom Smart Plug is compatible with all Z-Wave certified controllers.

Associations and Multiclick

WiDom Smart Plug can control, through association, other devices of the Z-Wave network in which is included, when an event of overcurrent, overvoltage or events on the Push Button occur. It is possible to activate a multiclick recognition, for example, you can check with a single click the load connected to the Smart Plug and double-click the associated devices.

Zero crossing - Contact protection technology

To reduce the electrical stress on the relay contacts and ensure a longer life, the open / closed switching of the device always occur when the instantaneous value of voltage is 0.

S2 Security

The Smart Plug uses a strong and secure S2 protection system, which provides advanced security features and eliminates the risk of hacking of devices.

Controlled by Computer, Tablet and SmartPhone

The systems using WiDom devices can also be monitored via Web.

Ready for installation, but fully configurable

The device is supplied ready for installation and can also be supplied with personalized configurations.

Smart Plug - Manual

Installation and use manual for WiDom Smart Plug