The Smart Dry contact switch can turn ON and OFF equipments with an independent power supply, such as solenoid valves (e.g. gas, water and irrigation), power operated valves etc.

Installation has never been so easy - RGB LED visual feedback

An RGB LED provides visual feedback on the device’s status and the operations performed. In this way, installation procedures are particularly simplified.

Works with every kind of switch

Smart Dry contact switch is very easy to install and works with both momentary and toggle switches.

The smallest device worldwide

Like all the other "in wall" modules by Widom, its extremely small dimensions that facilitate its installation distinguish it. They are in fact the smallest modules worldwide and perfectly fit even in the smallest flush mounting boxes.

Ultra low power consumption

The Smart Dry Contact Switch, like all the other WiDom devices, has the lowest power consumption among similar devices on the market.

Electrical connection test

To test if the electrical connections are correct, before the association of the device, while pressing n times the external button, the RGB LED should flash green for the same number of times. If it does not, reconnect the wires in the correct way.

Simplified inclusion and exclusion

The inclusion / exclusion of the Smart Dry Contact in the Z-Wave network initiates not only through the controller, but also through the device with any click sequence on the integrated button. This feature of the module facilitates the inclusion / exclusion process, often not so immediate in other systems.

WiDom Dry Contact can operate in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices from any other manufacturer. As a constantly powered node, WiDom Dry Contact will act as repeater regardless of the vendor in order to increase reliability of the network.


WiDom Smart Dry Contact Switch can control, through association, other devices included in the Z-Wave network.

Zero crossing - Contact protection technology

To reduce the electrical stress on the relay contacts and ensure a longer life, the open / closed switching of the device always occur when the instantaneous value of voltage is 0.

S2 Security

The Smart Dry Contact Switch uses a strong and secure S2 protection system, which provides advanced security features and eliminates the risk of hacking of devices.

Software Update

You will be able to update independently the device firmware "Over the Air" without even having to remove the devices from their location

Controlled by Computer, Tablet and SmartPhone

The systems using WiDom devices can also be monitored via Web.

Ready to be installed, but fully configurable

The device is ready for installation and with a customized configuration depending on your needs, if requested.

Smart Dry Contact Switch - Manual

Installation and use manual for WiDom Smart Dry Contact Switch