WiDom is more than just a firm operating in the home automation industry. It is a cradle of ideas and projects aimed at improving our lives, through non-invasive, innovative and energy saving home and building automation solutions. Traditional home automation comes at a high price due to the need to apply relevant changes on buildings and systems; WiDom invalidates this argument aiming to introduce home automation systems into the daily rhythm of households and firms, responding to their needs for comfort, safety, savings, communication, control and autonomy.


  • Ethical Business practice: our business is created together with our customers, our suppliers and all of those people who collaborate with us at every level;
  • Always respect the people and the environment: always be aware of how our professional choices and actions may affect our society.  Full attention will be paid to the laws and regulations, the quality of products and services, their environmental impact and the well being of the people they are intended for.
  • Sustainable Innovation: we believe innovation should bring value to those who choose to use it but not to the detriment of the common good.