The range of WiDom products and pre-configured solutions ensures the quick installation of home automation in your home or business.

High quality Made in Italy

All WiDom devices are designed and made entirely in Italy with the passion and the desire to provide a high quality product built with the best available technology.

Each new WiDom product is tested by a specialized laboratory that verifies adherence to any and all regulatory requirements in terms of safety, emissions and electromagnetic compatibility.

During the production process, WiDom carries out a continuous and systematic quality control. All products are individually tested before placing them on the market.

Integration in existing installations

Thanks to their small size they can be installed in junction boxes or behind switches and outlets, without any modification to the existing electrical system.

The patent related to AC Sensing feature, allows the integration without new electrical wirings also for lights control.

Focus Morsettiera

The generous terminal block makes the wiring easier and reduces installation time to a minimum.


WiDom has developed its own event processing framework: sequence of clicks and receiving alarms, which gives the installer the maximum configuration flexibility in order to adapt to the diversity of existing systems.

Environmentally friendly

Designed and built to ensure minimal power consumption and the highest respect for the environment. They consume from one third to one tenth of similar products on the market.

Packaging materials are recyclable with low environmental impact.