This solution has been specifically designed to be installed in existing installations. Structures with architectural constraints, public buildings, hotels, residential units are the ones which would benefit the most from this home automation wireless solution, as this could be implemented without incurring the disruption or interruptions typically caused by demanding building renovations and/or upgrades.
In technical terms, these solutions are called "retrofit solutions" to indicate that the modules responsible for the home automation functions are fitted into the existing installation. Your switches will continue working as normal, but they will also be able to activate specific new scenarios. For instance, pressing and holding one of the buttons could switch off all of the home lights and automatically roll-down your shutters. Every function would be accessible via your smart-phone, tablet and PC. All of Widom solutions include both the supply of devices such as sensors and actuators, and the professional support and advice made available throughout the installation.

Professional Services:

  • System design
  • Guidance and implementation of the chosen scenarios
  • Assistance during the installation stages
  • System testing and verifications

The solution will be supplied pre-configured and ready to be installed. Should the customer wish to, it could be integrated with other automated systems such as blinds and with a vast choice of sensors such as presence detection, broken window, smoke, gas and light detectors. In all circumstances, the WiDom solution does not require modifications to the existing system. Once the installation is completed, the solution will be immediately ready for use.