This solution aims to minimize the costs related to the preparation of the system; it is thus ideal for those construction companies that wish to add value to their buildings through economies of scale. The basic solution entails lights and loads control, both through traditional controls (buttons, switches, diverters, etc.) and through the use of tablet, smartphone and computer.
The Basic Home Control solution includes both the professional services and a Home Control Kit.

Professional Services:

  • System design
  • Guidance and implementation of the chosen scenarios
  • Assistance during the installation stages
  • System testing and verifications

Home Control Kit:

  • 10 Universal Relay Switches for controlling as many light points and sockets
  • 1 module allowing the system to be controlled through tablets, smart phones and computers
  • Implementation of 7 scenarios chosen by the customer

The solution is agreed upon and tested in a sample residential unit. The remaining kits - clones of the sample solution - will be supplied later on pre-set and ready to be installed. Should the customer wish to, our product could be integrated with other automated systems such as blinds and with a vast choice of sensors such as presence detection, broken window, smoke, and gas and light detectors.