WiDom designs and produces home automation solutions and products. Our Mission is to make Domotics a social fact, a tool available to everyone, bringing real positive change to everybody's daily life.

WiDom has already attracted the interest of several companies and institutions, thanks to its new approach to Domotics based on the possibility of employing wireless protocols to activate cost effective and non-invasive home automation solutions on existing homes and buildings.

Even if on different levels, all home automation systems designed for existing buildings currently need specific work that affects their costs.  WiDom created the Universal Relay Switch, an "in Wall" device for the management of lights and loads that fits inside the existing electrical system without major installation work.

A vision of the Home and Building Automation that has become reality thanks to a careful design and the strong relationships built with strong technological partners.

A brilliant intuition that ended with the application for the patent rights for the Universal Relay Switch.


WiDom was founded by three shareholders who currently manage and support the work of a Team based in Italy and abroad.