The WiDom devices are designed and manufactured in Italy to be installed in the nodes of the system without modifying it.  The systems created with the WiDom devices can also be controlled through new generation interfaces and the use of a regular Internet connection.  A WiDom home automation system can be built in stages, with a gradual and modular system.  It is possible to start with limited features and then upgrade the system any time new needs arise and/or further budget becomes available.  The WiDom devices are the least energy consuming on the market.

The WiDom devices do not need batteries, as they use the energy of the installation network in which they are built (junction boxes and near the loads to be checked).

The WiDom devices are managed locally through common controls of any brand available in the market: buttons, switches, deviators and so on.

Yes. The WiDom devices are able to sense alarm signals from other devices and sensors, such as CO2 levels, glass breaks, flooding etc.

Yes. The WiDom solutions are designed to be installed both on new and existing systems, offering results of extremely high quality in both cases

Structures with architectural constraints, public buildings, hotels, residential units, can all take advantage of our home automation wireless solution without incurring in the disruption or interruptions typically caused by demanding building renovations and/or upgrades.

The WiDom system can be fully integrated in the existing systems, a guarantee that traditional wireless or cabled systems cannot offer, requiring, as they do, more or less extensive wiring adaptations.

WiDom materials and installation costs are significantly lower than those of a traditional wired domotic solution. Furthermore, the WiDom solutions, even with equal material costs, have lower installation costs, compared to other wireless solutions, thanks to the simplicity of the connections, the fast installation times and because they never require wiring adaptations.

Once the WiDom devices have been installed in the electrical system, they will be then connected to the other elements and then the parameters and associations for the desired scenarios will need to be set. For further details, we would invite you to view the installation manuals and guides available on our website.

By scenario, we refer to the actions performed by a device and its connected components when a specific event takes place.

An event is an action affecting an external switch (press or press and hold) or a command sent through the Z-Wave network.

The WiDom products are designed to guarantee a maximum level of integration with all of the Z-Wave devices. All the features of the WiDom devices are unique and independent from other products.  They can be set up using any certified Z-Wave controller and once the configuration is complete, they will be able to communicate independently, without the mediation of a central system (controller). Together with the configuration interfaces, the controller will also enable the Internet connection services.

The WiDom system can be reconfigured and upgraded at any time, as no particular architectural or structural requirements would need to be met.  For instance, initially you may want to control only the lights in one part of the building, while later on you may want to also manage the shutters to optimize the brightness levels and then the loads etc. At this  point the system could be easily reconfigured with new scenarios related to the shutter and loads controls.

Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol designed for home automation, specifically for applications in residential and light commercial environments. Its many features (low power emission; low RF, below 1Ghz- more penetrating than Wi-fi- and the support for automatic routing) make it robust and efficient. These characteristics, together with a strict certification process, guarantee a safe and reliable communication between certified devices. The Z-Wave eco-system includes over a thousand different products, manufactured by hundreds of international producers, which cover for all possible needs.